About Us
Character.org aims to benefit society through school reform that addresses not only academics, but also social, emotional, and ethical issues. Character.org has the tools, methods, and strategies to empower principals, teachers, counselors, parents and community members to help schools achieve the important goals of character development.

Who We Are

Character.org is a national advocate and leader for the character education movement. Based in Washington, DC, we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of organizations and individuals committed to fostering effective character education in our nation’s schools.

We are an umbrella organization for character education, serving as the leading resource for people and organizations that are integrating character education into their schools and communities.

Character.org’s membership includes the nation’s leading education organizations, and its board of directors is made up of corporate leaders and experts in the field of character education. For example, cofounder and Chairman Emeritus, Sandy McDonnell, passed away on March 19, 2012 but his legacy lives on. Leave a message on our blog about him if you feel compelled.

What We Do

Character.org focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character education and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We offer: