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Our Mission
Providing leadership and advocacy for character worldwide.

Our Vision
People everywhere who are educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and compassionate citizens.

Who We Are
We are giving voice to the character movement by providing leadership and advocacy to optimize success, leading to stronger communities. Our work supports lifelong learners, through Principles of Character, to create and tell their own character stories.

What We Do
Over the past two and a half decades of we’ve had a tremendous impact on schools and their communities.We offer an evidence-based framework for implementing and evaluating character development through our 11 Principles of Effective Character Education. We use this model across all of our programs and resources because of its demonstrated success.

Focusing on developing character within schools we have recognized over 500 Schools of Character effectively integrating key Principles of Character among countless students and administrators. Those that demonstrate mastery of the 11 Principles through a rigorous application and evaluation are designated as Schools of Character to be honored and serve as mentors to others.

With the objective of assisting with character development for all children, we feel we are addressing a foundational aspect that helps develop young adults and ultimately, powerful communities.

Support Our Work
Our programs are made possible by the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals investing in our mission. You can make a difference by making a contribution to