When a school is a good place for kids to be, everyone in the surrounding community benefits.

Schools of character work with their local communities to build mutually beneficial partnerships. They reach out to senior citizens, veterans, and business leaders, for example. They bring community members into the school as speakers and volunteers and they send students out into the community to give back through meaningful service projects. CEP knows that when all the adults in a child’s life are on the same page about what is really important, that child is much more likely to grow up to be a fully contributing member of the community.

The Importance of Good Character in Business

Good character is good for business. Character is THE element, capitalism without character is scary, we need character leadership in business.

Increase Support from Legislators and Community Leaders

If you support character education, here’s what to say to increase support from legislators and community leaders, straight from character education advocate extraordinaire Linda McKay.

Utah’s government is committed to Civility and Community. Find out more about how the Utah community is involving schools in creating “a welcoming, inclusive and caring community.”