Parents knows that what every parent wants most is for his or her children to be healthy and happy. A big part of this is knowing that your children are safe at school – and that their teachers really care about them as individuals with unique needs.

At Schools of Character, teachers work with parents to get to know each child and ensure that all children are safe and positively connected to the adults around them. These schools find creative ways to make parents partners. When they do so, everyone benefits and children thrive. Parents whose children attend schools of character love and support their schools and consistently praise their children’s teachers.

Learn more about how you can ensure your child has the best education possible – educating him or her to be a well-rounded person.

Find out more about how effective schools work with parents and how character education can improve any school.

Publications for Parents

Maurice Elias

Dr. Maurice Elias


Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
How to Raise a Self-Disciplined, Responsible, Socially Skilled Child
Written by Maurice J. Elias Ph.D., Steven E. Tobias, Psy.D. and Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D.
Foreword by Daniel Goleman

Have you, as a parent, ever found yourself treating your children in a way you would never tolerate from someone else? The authors of Emotionally Intelligent Parenting call for a new Golden Rule: Do unto your children as you would have other people do unto your children. And most important, they show us how to live by it. Based upon extensive research, firsthand experience, and case studies, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting breaks the mold of traditional parenting books by taking into account the strong role of emotions — those of parents and children — in psychological development. With this book, parents will learn how to communicate with children on a deeper, more gratifying level and how to help them successfully navigate the intricacies of relating to others.

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Michele Borba

Dr. Michele Borba

Parents Do Make a Difference
How to Raise Kids with Solid Character, Strong minds, and Caring Hearts
Written by Dr. Michele Borba
Child Expert, Author, Speaker, Educational Consultant, CEP Board Member

A book that shows you how to teach kids the eight indispensable skills-self-confidence, self-awareness, communication, problem solving, getting along, goal setting, perseverance, and empathy-they’ll need for living confident, happy, and productive lives. Filled with step-by-step advice, practical ideas, and real-life examples, Parents Do Make a Difference puts field-tested tools into the hands of every parent and teacher who wants their children to succeed.

12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know: Getting Back to Basics and Raising Happy Kids
Written by Dr. Michele Borba

The author surveyed 5,000 mothers for their experience and wisdom in raising happier, more confident kids by returning to a more natural, authentic kind of mothering. She shares 12 top secrets of successful moms culled from her research and shows how to apply them to your family.

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