Students want a voice in their classroom, their school, and their community, right? When students are given “voice and choice,” everyone benefits.

In schools that focus on character, students have that voice. They have teachers that really care – and who show their respect for students every day. Students also want meaningful, challenging work that gives them opportunities to solve real world problems and develop their academic as well as their leadership skills. They want to know they can make a difference when they grow up and how to do so.

Find out more about what students like you are doing to make a difference.

What Guides You?

If you’re a student in grades 5-12 in Connecticut, enter the Laws of Life Essay Contest. A description of the contest says, “Students think, reflect, discuss with peers and adults and then write about their core values, principles and ideals that will guide them throughout their lives.” Laws of Life Essay Contest

Service Learning

Fifth grader Patrick wrote a letter to this principal of a National School of Character saying that he wanted to help his autistic brother. Watch this description of what can happen when children are truly given a voice and a venue to make a difference.

Goal Setting

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Resource Center: Goal Setting

Academic Integrity

Character Education Partnership: Academic Integrity

Bullying Prevention

Character Education Partnership: Bullying Prevention

The Bully Project

Service Learning

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse: What is Service Learning?

Student Leadership

American Student Government Association
CEP Promising Practices: Garden Ambassadors
CEP Promising Practices: Activities Leadership Program