Our Staff
Character.org is an organization of passionate people advocating for integrity, honesty, respect, and other core ethical values to be fused into education for the betterment of our nation. Below is a list of the people who are helping to achieve our goals.
Doug Karr, President & CEODoug Karr, President and CEO
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Doug Karr is President & CEO of Character.org, helping to infuse a culture of character in schools and communities throughout the world. With more than 25 years of successful business leadership and community-building experience, Doug brings his vision and enthusiasm to this role, providing corporate direction and strategy to incubate good character in the world via Character.org’s many gateways to the youth.Doug says, “Character is the ultimate success factor in any human endeavor. I’m passionate about Character.org because we are transforming the world, one student, one school, one business, one community at a time.”Before joining Character.org, Doug spent ten years with non-profit groups focused on building strong communities and helping the disenfranchised. A social and business entrepreneur, he also led several successful start-ups, including a non-profit 501c3 in the DC metropolitan area as well as a for-profit consulting firm that helped incubate and grow new ventures and small businesses.Doug began his career in healthcare and has held leadership positions at world-class universities and teaching hospitals as well as with private-sector business and information management firms. In 2001, he co-founded and led American Teleradiology Nighthawks (now Nighthawk Radiology Services (NASDAQ:NHWK), which was a pioneer in the telemedicine field. At the time telemedicine was moving from an idea to an niche; now, telemedicine and medicine are one and the same.Throughout his career, Doug has firmly believed in the value of education, mentoring and incubating new ideas to improve outcomes for individuals as well as organizations. Doug has mentored, coached and taught in various settings, including public and private schools as well as with various businesses and nonprofit organizations. He believes that character education is foundational to a successful life and is synonymous with a high quality, well-rounded education.Doug completed his undergraduate studies in Business and Psychology at Virginia Tech where he was also a swimmer. He received his Masters in Health Science with a concentration in Finance and Administration from The Johns Hopkins University in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Doug and his wife Dana have been married for over 25 years and they have four young children who are passionate learners and avid athletes.
Sheril Morgan, Director Schools of CharacterSheril Morgan, Director, Schools of Character
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After earning a BS in Elementary Education, Sheril Morgan spent four years in the classroom teaching 5th and 6th grades and sponsoring the school’s Character Club. Upon receiving her MS in School Counseling, Sheril spent four years as a prevention specialist working at the district level for an Oklahoma school system.  She sponsored the largest volunteer student prevention organization in the State. During this time she helped lead the district’s high school to National Schools of Character status by driving character program development. This was followed by two years as a counselor in a large Oklahoma high school. During this same time Sheril served for three years as a volunteer co-coordinator for Oklahoma’s State Schools of Character program. While a coordinator, three additional schools were named State and National Schools of Character and a fifth named Honorary State School of Character. Sheril has spoken at numerous State and National conferences, has served as the director of youth conferences and summits, and built relationships and partnerships with Common and Higher Ed organizations across Oklahoma to further the State School of Character initiative. Sheril will continue working toward the vision of all children attending Schools of Character. Her primary goal in her family and professional work is to raise children who will not just survive in our world, but change it. Sheril is a wife and the mother of three boys, Kort, Dylan, and Taylor.
Sora WondraSora Wondra, Director, Development
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Sora Wondra joined Character.org in 2013 after several months of volunteering and conducting legislative research on character education. She assists with Character.org’s development and advancement efforts. Prior to joining Character.org, Sora taught psychology to gifted and talented students in the U.S. and also lived abroad in the Republic of Georgia, where she taught English as a Foreign Language and conducted research on educational reform. She has an M.Phil. in Education from the University of Cambridge and a B.A. in Psychology from Coe College. Sora is a member of the Pi Lambda Theta Education Society, has been a Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholar, and is a recipient of the Linnie E. Schloeman Prize in Teacher Education Excellence at Coe College. When she’s not working or otherwise supporting the efforts of educational improvement, Sora enjoys backpacking and mountaineering with her husband, Nic Wondra.
Heather CazadHeather Cazad, Director of Communications
& Community

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Heather joined Character.org in 2013 after graduating with an M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Her main duties include managing communications, notifications and marketing for Character.org and its various programs, event planning for the annual National Forum and general project management. Outside of work, Heather loves to draw, write and watch classic movies.
Iris WyattIris Wyatt, Database Coordinator
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Iris returned to Character.org in July of 2007. She previously worked at Character.org from 2001 to 2005. Iris oversees database activities and and manages the website. Iris has more than 25 years of experience providing field service and para-technical support to a variety of companies and holds an associate of arts degree from the University of the District of Columbia in advertising design.
Parker Pillsbury, Digital Communications & Membership