2017 Forum Exhibitors

Booth 16
Character.org focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character education and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We are a nonprofit organization that strives to ensure every young person is educated, inspired, and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens.

Booth 7
CharacterPlus is a non-profit resource for schools who want to become caring communities where students are respected and learning is optimized. CharacterPlus provides character education resources, processes, and support to schools, equipping them to discover their shared values, and empowering students to develop positive character traits.

Character FirstCharacter First
Booth 4
Character First provides lessons to help teach character qualities. Our NEW Elementary curriculum is full of stories, object lessons, discussion questions and activities. Through real life scenarios, our 18 unit ENGAGE bully prevention curriculum helps deal with the heart of bullying – character. Come by the table for free samples.

Character Formation ProjectThe Character Formation Project
Booth 8
The Character Formation Project (CPF) offers an intentional approach to character growth, supporting the journey of students toward internally-motivated character that lasts a lifetime. The CFP is a licensed set of character content and programming delivered on a dynamic platform designed for ongoing personal reflection and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Heifer InternationalHeifer International
Booth B
Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Our educational resources motivate students to create a better world and explore their global connections. We provide FREE standards-based lesson plans, activities and resources for read-a-thons and other fundraisers. Our Learning Centers offer hands-on, global experiences.

High 5High 5 for Character
Table F
Success = Happiness! Help a child build the foundation of success through confidence, respect, empathy, honesty, and gratefulness. Our book series, Becoming a Better You!, will empower kids to develop these character traits.

The Liston Group
Booth 5
Thought leader ListonGroup.org provides quality character curricula, assessment, and consulting for educators worldwide. Founder Mark Liston, PhD developed C2: Character Challenge, The Character Growth Index, the Bullying Rubric, and the Max Courage Index.

MTLMTL Education Network
Table C
At MTL International, our primary purpose is to provide supplemental educational and social support to under-performing high school and community college students.

One More Page BooksOne More Page Books (Forum bookstore)
Booth 10 & 11
Purchase all your favorite Forum speakers’ books at the official conference bookstore being run by local bookstore One More Page out of Arlington, VA.

Scripts National Spelling BeeScripts National Spelling Bee
Booth 15
We’ve worked closely with schools and educators since the very first National Spelling Bee in 1925. Our partnerships have helped us develop the tools teachers and students need to succeed at every level of the Bee, from the classroom all the way to Washington, D.C.

Respectful Ways
Table A
Respectful Ways is a social-emotional learning curriculum with 100’s of thought-provoking activities, poems and pledges for PreK-12. Our interactive LMS website offers educators powerpoint slides, webinars, common core standards and group messaging. Our Ambassador Riley grows in age with your students! Our children deserve a balanced education.