2018 Forum Exhibitors

Apex Fun Run 
Booth 9
Apex is a national leadership and fundraising company that has served over 2,000,000 students in 30 states.
Contact: Jeremy Barnhart 

Table C
Brixiples™ is a unique new board game designed to teach 7-12 year olds about Ethics, Safety, and Common Sense & Courtesy with 200 question cards. Through role playing, silly actions, and serious thought, 2-4 players and an adult guide discuss a broad swath of difficult and confusing topics. Contact: Jacqueline Dobranski

Carington’s Leadership Adventure
Table A
Carington’s Leadership Adventure is a service-learning project grounded in the Developmental Assets/ Developmental Relationships frameworks. It provides youth mentors with the opportunity to serve their school or community and enhance school climate and social-emotional learning using Carington’s Wild Character Adventure® (CWCA) activities. Join the Adventure… you can’t go wrong! Contact: Carla Smith

The Journal of Character Education
Booth 3
The Journal of Character Education (JCE) is a partner of Character.org. JCE is dedicated to character education from the theoretical to practical application for school-based outcomes. Character.org partners with JCE’s editors at the Center for Character and Citizenship in promoting positive character comprehensively as reflected in Character.org’s 11 Principles.  Contact: Deborah O’Reilly

Booth 7
Character.org focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character development and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We are a nonprofit organization that strives to ensure every person is educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and compassionate citizens. Contact: Parker Pillsbury


Booth 19
CharacterStrong: Curricula and Trainings to Teach the Whole Child. Come chat with Houston and talk about Living Kindness. Contact: Houston Kraft


Character-Based Literacy, Santa Clara University
Table B
The Character-Based Literacy Program integrates character education into the English language arts curriculum in Grades 4-12. The program has been successfully implemented for 15 years in more than 50 counties in four states. The program includes detailed 90-minute, 60-minute, and 40-minute lesson plans aligned with the common core standards. It includes independent study lesson plans, writing prompts, and assessments. Contact: Yael Kidron

Character Daily
Booth 2
Innovation meets timeless truths in the latest version of the CharacterDaily app. Character education is easy and accessible 24/7. Educators, students and parents connect to build engaging and transformative communities. Co-developers CITRS and Camera Mundi are collaborating with Dr. Mark Liston to include the Character Growth Index (CGI), providing the first valid assessment metrics for character development. CharacterDaily will offer full-stack K-12 curricula, promoting strengths such as honesty, confidence and critical thinking. Be part of the character growth journey! CharacterDaily is available for iPhone and Android. Contact: Jeanne Craft

Character FirstCharacter First Education
Booth 8
Character First provides lessons to help teach character qualities. Our elementary curriculum is full of stories, object lessons, discussion questions and activities. Through real life scenarios, our 18 unit ENGAGE bully prevention curriculum helps deal with the heart of bullying – character. Come by the table for free samples. Contact: Kent Fahrenbruck


Conscious Discipline
Booth 14
“Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive trauma-informed, brain-based, self-regulation program combining discipline, social-emotional learning and school climate into one integrated process. Conscious Discipline is practiced in over 47 countries, and has impacted an estimated 15.8 million children while inspiring and training more than 3 million educators and caregivers. Contact: Diane Phelan

Happy Caveman
Booth 4
Human Connection Matters! Through LIVE events, and On-Demand videos (led by International Youth Speaker, Joe Beckman), Happy Caveman programs are a perfect compliment to your school’s character education/development initiatives. Swing by our booth for a handshake, high-5, or hug (you choose!). Contact: Joe Beckman

Know YourSELf: A Journal of Social Emotional Learning in Self-Awareness
Table D
Self-Awareness is often deemed the precursor to all other SEL competencies. Dr. Emilie Correa’s Know YourSELf is a simple, user-friendly catalyst for Self-Awareness. Thought provoking quotes paired with engaging and reflective journaling practices promote and support SEL’s foundational competency, Self-Awareness. Contact: Emilie Correa 


Booth 13
Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program teaches students how to understand and apply their leadership skills by completing a service project. A proven process for Empowering students to Lead and Inspiring them to Serve. Contact: Linda Spahr

Lucky Kats 
Booth 15
Lucky Kats, Inc. offers an online edutainment world, mobile games, trading cards and activity books that reinforce your character lessons. LK complements any K-5 character curriculum. Great addition to your classroom, computer lab or afterschool program. For more info, visit the LKI booth or contact Jeff McMurdy.
Additional Contact:Tammy Shroeder


mascot JunctionMascot Junction
Booth 1

See how schools are using their mascot to teach character and positive behavior. Our Roll Out Kits are customized for each school, featuring their mascot in a variety of rules posters, matrix banners, award certificates, gotcha rewards, behavior clipart and other items designed to create a highly engaging mascot-centric school climate. Contact: David Thompson




MTL Education, Inc.
Table F
This exhibit includes trauma-informed character education products and services, such as Rodney Walker’s book A New Day One, and his new upcoming projects– Wounds You Can Not See: A Guide to Educating Youth with High ACE scores, and Traits of Resilience. Contact: Rodney Walker






One More Page BooksOne More Page (Conference Bookstore)
Booths 5 & 6
Purchase all your favorite Forum speakers’ books at the official conference bookstore being run by local bookstore One More Page out of Arlington, VA. Contact: Eileen McGervey




Pure Game
Table E
Pure Game provides schools with a Sports Based Youth Development program. The focus of this program is the development of the child, not the athlete. In other words, we create a safe environment where children can learn good character values and leadership skills from positive mentors.
Contact: Tony Everett