Learn from the experts in character education, and join us at any of the over 50 breakout sessions.

Common Core Integration
Presenter:  Jonathan Cohen & Kristie Fink
Join this CEP double session to hear a panel discussion on these issues, and then take part in a larger discussion at participant tables. read more

K-16 educators, including school leaders, teachers, administrators, school mental health professionals, district and state leaders, higher education leaders, and National Schools of Character participants are all invited to join this session to share ideas and best practices.

Character in the Community: New Strategies
Presenter: TBA
Join a conversation on how to blend schools, students, families, businesses, government agencies together to form the most comprehensive and effective community Character Education and Development programs. Read more

This panel will discuss why it works best, how it works, and why corporations are such indispensable partners. This approach greatly enhances the character programs teachers and administrators do in the schools. In fact, local corporations and businesses, along with character education companies, are the leading force partnering with the schools in developing highly successful community character programs because corporations view character as an asset, and they have the money to make a significant local impact. This “how to” community approach will appeal to corporations and business, character companies/practitioners, philanthropists, educators, researchers, local governments and agencies.

Inspiring Greatness:  How to Get It and Grow It…from Classroom to Community!
Presenter:  Tamra Nast
Join us for a design workshop in which you will craft a plan that includes the essential steps for Creating a Vision, Managing Change and Building System Capacity, (purposeful & professional), through empowered learning and character development.

A Global Connection Demonstrates REAL GROWTH: The Development of a Reciprocal Relationship between The Peck School (NJ) and Kopila Valley School (Nepal)
Presenter:  Susanne Struebing
The Peck School has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Nepal since 2008 when Peck recognized Maggie Doyne with a community service award for her work with underprivileged children in post-civil war Nepal. Read more

When the Kopila Valley School (KVS) opened in 2011, two Peck educators (one being Nina Sharma) traveled to Nepal to provide faculty training in classroom management and best practices in education. Since that time two KVS faculty members have spent time teaching and learning at Peck, and two KVS students have visited Peck as well, the most recent studying for an entire term alongside Peck students. This spring, Nina Sharma again traveled to KVS, this time with Zan Struebing, Peck’s School Psychologist who is responsible for the implementation of Peck’s character education program. Their goal was to collaborate with KVS faculty and student leaders to develop a character education program (REAL GROWTH) that would fit the individual needs of KVS and be sustainable under the leadership of KVS faculty. The journey to Nepal was truly enlightening for all involved, with the KVS community embracing the notion of having a framework to teach the values they hold dear and the Peck educators being inspired by the unbridled enthusiasm for loving and learning demonstrated by their Kopila counterparts.

How Character Education Can Save Organized Youth Sports:  Helping Children to Play Like Champions
Presenter:  Clark Power
On the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Little League, we show how important goal of character education was to the origins of youth sports and how that goal has been compromised Read more

over time as youth sports have become increasingly adult-centered. We argue for the necessity of transforming organized sports through helping coaches and parents to understand their facilitators of children’s play.

Putting Academics in Perspective, Relationship Building, Intrinsic Motivation, Modeling Goodness, and Empowering Students: The PRIME Model
Presenter:  Marvin Berkowitz
After a decade of pre-service and in-service teacher training and mentoring hundreds of principals, Dr. Berkowitz determined he has a better handle on what makes a truly great teacher. Read more

Coupling his experience with both the research literature on teacher effectiveness and asking many educators what they consider characteristic of an exemplary teacher, he has zeroed in on five broad traits. They are what teachers want to do and be, and they are what parents want to see in their child’s teacher. Join this discussion and learn what PRIME can do for your classroom and your children.

Introduction to CEP’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education
Presenter:  Amy Johnston
Character education is not a program, but a philosophy about how we ought to treat one another.  CEP’s 11 Principles are a solid framework that will help guide your school.  Amy Johnston and her amazing staff transformed the culture of Francis Howell Middle Read more

School and won the National School of Character in 2008 by following the 11 Principles, but the journey was not easy or quick. In her presentation she will take you down the character road they traveled and share with you successful strategies as well as pitfalls they encountered along the way.  She will explain how they increased achievement, drastically decreased discipline, improved trust among adults in the building and most importantly developed middle school students into compassionate, responsible young adults.

Round Table Discussion – Statewide Character Education Efforts
Presenter:  Richard Pieper
Each of the state organizations and efforts take on profoundly different perspectives, approaches and resources. We can all learn from each other. Attendees will engage in interactive dialogue Read more

(not a presentation), exchange information and talk about barriers and the successes that have been achieved. This session is open to all, especially  those who do not already have state organizations, but the participation of states with organizations may wish to share their opportunities and challenges with the group.

Teaching Character Through Social Media
Presenter:  Patrick Case
Canandaigua Middle School has created BRAVEbook, a social media platform designed to teach students how to be safe and appropriate while using social media outside of school. Read more

  The session will include a description of common disciplinary issues created through social media, steps taken by CMS to remedy, and technical aspects of setting up your own platform.

Rethinking Effective Bully and Violence Prevention Efforts: Promoting healthy school climates, prosocial education, and preventing bully-victim-bystander behavior
Presenter:  Jonathan Cohen
Aligned with CEP’s 11 Principles, this bully prevention model grows out of the collaborative project with Dorothy L. Espelage, Ph.D., Stuart W. Twemlow. MD, Marvin W.  Berkowitz, Ph.D., James P. Comer, MD and the presenter. Participants will learn Read more

about a series of text and web-based guidelines and tools that support students leading the efforts to transform school communities from a culture of bystanders to a culture of Upstanders, socially responsible individuals who have a moral compass.