Call for Proposals
Help us inspire peacefulness in hundreds of educators from around the country!

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Are you eager to share your character education experience with others? is looking for educators, researchers and community leaders who would like to present their ideas and best practices for developing young people of good character.

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Breakout SessionWhy Present?
If selected, your presentation could guide a room full of educators to transform their schools through your practices. Learn from your attendees as well as teach them. Have a discussion on topics related to character.

What Kind of Presentation?
We’re looking for interactive sessions to get our attendees engaged in the conversation and learn by doing rather than a strictly lecture-type format. Our attendees have their own expertise that they bring to the table, and ideally at the Forum, we all bring those various viewpoints together for a more in-depth discussion.

Help us inspire peace in the world through hundreds of educators.

Breakout sessions are throughout the day on Friday Oct. 20 and Saturday Oct. 21 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA (just outside Washington, DC)

Previous National Forum featured speakers have included:

 xxx Marvin Berkowitz
Michele Borba
Barbara Gruener
Darcia Narvaez
Clifton Taulbert
Hal Urban

If you are interested in presenting at the 2017 National Forum on Character Education, please submit your proposal by March 1, 2017.