2017 Forum Recordings

If you didn’t make it to the 2017 National Forum, you can still access a lot of its great ideas by ordering the  video recordings. You can watch the recordings at your convenience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from experts like Harvard’s Richard Weissbourd and best-selling author Michele Borba. Learn from veteran educators like Hal Urban and young speakers like Houston Kraft.

As a special bonus, we also recorded the International Summit.

International Summit plus all ballroom sessions and keynotes – $175
International Summit – $75


Videotaped Sessions:

Thursday, October 19
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International Summit

Friday, October 20
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Keynote – Byron Garrett

9:15am – 10:30am
Michele Borba
9 Essential Habits of Empathy
For students to be truly “successful,” they also need to be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Dr. Borba will offer ways to teach students vital habits that will increase empathy, boost social-emotional learning, and reduce bullying while improving their academic performance and character. You will learn cutting-edge science that proves these gains, and you will leave with practical strategies that can be easily applied to any subject or grade level.

Houston Kraft
The Question That’s Not Getting Asked
Empathy is a growing buzz word in the education community. As we continue to adapt to a diverse, evolving world we are seeking ways to teach young people how to thrive in the 21st century. This generation will be asked to empathize at the highest level, work in teams of teams across lines of difference, and be challenged to innovate to solve pressing social issues. So how do we prepare our young people for this world? This session will engage in activities, facilitate discussion, and provide information on creative ways to teach these 21st century skills to students at your school.

Hal Urban
Good News, Kind Words and Funny Things
One of Hal Urban’s primary goals during his 36 years as a public school teacher was to bring out the best in his students. He put it into practice by warmly welcoming each student individually and beginning every class in a positive way. The first few minutes were spent with the sharing of good news, expressing thanks, showing appreciation for one another and laughing. Hal was a high school teacher, but these simple and upbeat strategies can be used with kids of any age. In fact, they are being used by teachers everywhere Hal has spoken.

Communities of Character Panel
Facilitator: Lori Soifer
Character initiatives are truly successful when they not only inhabit a whole school or organization, but when they permeate the entire surrounding community. The need for strong character development doesn’t stop at the door. We need to find ways to utilize the strategies and excitement created through the 11 Principles and spread it to other schools, organizations and families to build Communities of Character. Join this session to learn from character experts who have successfully expanded their character initiatives into their communities.

Keynote – Amit Dodani
Up Your Empathy: How Storytelling and Innovation Transform School Culture

Saturday, October 21
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Keynote – Richard Weissbourd
Toward Caring and Justice: Making Concern for Others a Priority

National Schools of Character Luncheon Speaker: Rodney Walker
Celebrate the 2017 National Schools of Character and learn more about these exemplary schools.

Keynote – Dara Feldman
Virtues: The language of peace and kindness