Ways to Save

Team Rate
Register as a group, and every fifth registrant is FREE.

Early Bird Savings
Register by September 15th to receive the “extra early bird” discount rate.

Become a 2017 Forum Volunteer
Volunteers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you are accepted to volunteer, we will provide you with further information on registering for the Forum at the discounted volunteer rate of $350. Learn more >>

Pennies for Character
Some teachers develop creative ways to earn money to attend the conference. At Sullivan Primary School (MO) the school conducted a “Pennies for Character” campaign. Students, parents, teachers dropped spare change in classroom “character buckets.” The money helped fund one teacher to attend. The classroom with the most change got to choose the person to attend.

The teacher who “won” brought along a copy of the school’s mascot, and took pictures of the mascot at various spots throughout the conference and in the host city (sort of like the Flat Stanley exercise that lots of schools do) Those photos (and some lessons learned) were then shown at a whole school assembly after the Forum.

Limited scholarship money will be available through our generous sponsors. If you would like to apply for a scholarship to the Forum, please complete the scholarship application by September 1st. We are especially interested in supporting local DC educators, teachers new to the profession and educators from urban school districts. We will require all scholarship recipients to send a thank you letter to the sponsor who made attendance possible. Please email Heather Cazad at heather@character.org with any questions.

Raise funds to send a group to the Forum. Use keyword ‘crowdfunding’ to find an online funding site. See this successful crowdfunding example.

Ask Your Local Community for Support
Many community organizations such as the PTA, Rotary Club or a local business are willing to sponsor educators’ attendance at the Forum. For example, many businesses have social responsibility funds that they may be willing to use to cover your conference fees. A nice letter explaining the benefits for your school and community is usually what is needed. We are happy to provide examples of previous Forum programming to help your case.

Deduct your Expenses
According to the IRS, some expenses for continuing education taken to maintain or improve professional skills may be tax-deductible (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging). Remember to ask your Tax professional about this!