Promising Practices to Combat Bullying
Looking for some relevant practices to combat bullying at your school?  Here is a sampling of anti-bullying practices from Promising Practices winners.

Lake Forest High SchoolBuilding Tolerance and Accepting Differences is a six-week program at Booker Middle School in Sarasota, Florida.  It addresses and treats the physical and emotional effect of bullying and cruelty by identifying key factors that contribute to bullying and how to respond to bullying prevention while still staying “cool.”

In Stand Up to Bullying Week, the Neosho R-V School District in Neosho, Missouri developed a week of activities to prevent bullying to help students develop strategies to “stand up” to bullying and “take up” for the victims of bullying.

The 1 Less Bully, 1 More Friend practice at Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Maryland is designed to lesson verbal, emotional, and cyber bullying.  Every Wednesday, a student group wears 1 Less Bully t-shirts and wrist bands. They visit classrooms during the student leadership class to talk with other students about their experiences with bullying. At the end of the presentation or discussion, each student is asked to sign an Anti-Bullying Pledge Card.

Project S.A.V.E. at Pershing Elementary School in Muskogee, Oklahoma encourages students to become caring individuals and stops bullies from becoming a part of the environment; students focus instead on positive character traits and recognize each other’s successes.  Visit  for more information.

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