The Rebirth and Retooling of Character Education in America
“Schools, parents, and community members are grappling with the importance of virtues such as civility, respect, integrity, and hard work, and how these relate to success in life, and in our nation’s capacity to flourish in the century ahead”

Cover_Rebirth and Retooling of CE in AmericaTeaching Children to Do Their Best and Be Their Best—An Expanded Approach to Character Education
McGraw-Hill Research Foundation Policy Paper Details Why School-Based Character Education Is Needed

Written by Russell J. Sojourner, Ph.D.

“The Rebirth and Retooling of Character Education in America,” explains how a re-energized and innovative approach to character education today offers great opportunity to provide children with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to become life-long learners, get good jobs, have healthy relationships and to become productive and contributing members of the community. Effective school-based character education must promote the pursuit of excellence and the pursuit of ethical behavior.

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Mark Hyatt discussing character education.