Babylon Memorial Grade School

Character-Go-Round is a lesson designed to help students recognize the relationship between words, actions, and character traits. By analyzing character traits in both literature and their own life, students will reflect upon how their own words and actions influence how others perceive them. This can lead to discussions and goal-setting activities.

  • Students will identify and analyze character traits within literature.
  • Students will connect these traits with what a character says or does in a story.
  • Students will reflect upon their own words and actions to identify and analyze their own character traits.
  • 5 posters with a quotation or behavior of a character from a story *(see attachment)
  • Tape
  • Different colored marker for each group
  • Character Reflection Worksheet (see attachment)
  • Clock or timer

* Note:  Books can be read in advance, but could also be used to interest students in reading these stories.
  • Discuss with children that character traits are what a character is like on the inside not the outside.
  • Organize students into five groups. Each group is given a different colored marker that indicates that groups’ color.
  • Teacher posts posters around the room and reads each poster aloud with expression.
  • Students are assigned to a starting poster where they reread the poster aloud together, then as a group brainstorm as many character traits as they can in about two minutes.
  • Taking their marker with them, students rotate “go-round” to the next poster where they will repeat the process from the previous poster. Students may not repeat the previous group’s responses.
  • Once each group has visited each poster, the class comes together to share the ideas posted. Using evidence from the poster, each group is responsible for sharing their traits with the class including an explanation of what each trait means.
  • Students return to their seats to reflect upon the character traits that they feel they possess.
  • Students will create a character map using the Character Reflection Worksheet of their personal traits with evidence of what they have said or done to demonstrate that trait.