Practicing Patience
Bierbaum Elementary School

Teachers and students will discuss what Patience means, when we demonstrate it, and share how difficult it can be at times. They will watch a video clip and listen to a story to discuss Patience and then practice showing Patience during game playing and relay race activities. Students will do a writing activity after the lesson where they share what they learned and how it applies to their lives.

Students will discuss the meaning of patience and share times they have had to demonstrate patience. Students will discuss ways to show patience. Students will demonstrate patience by taking turns during games and activities.
Video and internet connection, Book "the Carrot Seed," Board games, plastic spoon and fork, cotton balls, song (audio), writing  journals.
The teacher and students will discuss the meaning of the word Patience and give examples of times they or someone they know demonstrated Patience. Then they will watch a video clip from the movie "Surf's Up" ( and discuss how Patience was demonstrated in the clip. They will then read a book together called "The Carrot Seed" and discuss how Patience was shown and how it was difficult at first for the main character to show patience. Discuss how showing Patience can be difficult at times. Then the teacher will introduce several board games and put students in cooperative groups. Before playing, they will discuss how you show Patience when
playing a game. Students will play games and after, discuss together if Patience was difficult during game playing. A final activity will be to have a cotton ball relay race as a class where there are two teams and one uses a spoon and one uses a fork with a cotton ball on it and has to do a relay where they walk to the other end of the room, keeping the cotton ball on their utensil. The team wins when all of its players finish before the other team. Then switch utensils between times. Discuss how patience was demonstrated in this activity and whether or not it was easy. Ending activity- sing the Patience song together Students will then write in their Character journals about Patience- what it means, how to show it, and what to do when it is difficult.
Discussions and journal writing, Also through student application during all classroom activities