Knowing the Right Way to Act
Cimino Elementary School

Students show how they behave in various situations. They discuss and explain why it is important to show self-control. They explain how their actions affect other people around them. They learn the definition of self-control with a specific example and a non-example.

Students will make appropriate choices about the right way to act.
Students need a chair to stand by, post it notes for each student, and a poster board.
1. Tell the students that self-control is making good choices and knowing the right way to act. Give a good example (doing your work quietly) and a non-example (talking while the teacher is talking).
2. Tell them that your self-control changes in different situations. Explain to the students that you are going to ask a series of questions. Instruct them to stand behind their chairs. Tell them that if the answer to the question requires them to be quiet, they are to stand very still without talking. If they can be loud and noisy after the question, tell them to dance in place. Explain to the students that making good choices and knowing the right way to act is self-control. Discuss the best choice and WHY it is important to show self-control in each situation.
3. Explain how not showing self-control can affect other people and themselves.

•How should you act when your teacher is teaching a math lesson?
•How should you act when watching a football game?
•How should you act in the media center?
•How should you act at a birthday party?
•How should you act at a restaurant?
•How should you act when taking a test?
•How should you act while watching a movie in the theatre?
Give each child a post-it note and have them right what self-control means. Instruct them to post it on a poster labeled “self control”. Conference with students who need help understanding the concept.