Making and Keeping Friends: Social Skills and Diversity
Col. John Robinson School

This lesson will help students understand the concept of body language and personal space.

Students will understand body language cues and respect others' personal space.
On Monday When It Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister (2001, Sandpiper)
Four rulers
Poster board
Chart paper/markers
Index cards
Read aloud the book On Monday When it Rained. Discuss the facial expressions.
Have children demonstrate the body language that would match the facial expression.
Take pictures of each child as he/she demonstrates the body language.
Choose one child's body language to explain personal space. Have that child take the four rulers to make a space he/she would need to feel comfortable. Repeat with other children using different body language. Discuss how respecting personal space is important in keeping friends.
Make a poster using the pictures taken of the children. Have them write emotions on index cards to match with the pictures.