Amazing Grace
Duncan Elementary School

This lesson uses the story, “Amazing Grace,” to discuss goals, obstacles, and overcoming those obstacles.

Students will show understanding of how to set and reach goals.
Students will discuss ways that their own lives relate to the the character's.
Students will decide on their own goals and make plans to achieve them.
Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman (Dial, 1991)
Amazing Grace Goal Setting Worksheet
Read the book Amazing Grace to the class, or have students read it to themselves. Have the following class discussion:
  • What did Grace want to do in the story?
  • How did she prepare to obtain her goal?
  • Why was there a problem?
  • How did they decide who would get the part?
  • Who changed their perspective/attitude about Grace?
  • How did Grace show determination?
  • What talent did Grace show?
  • What are you good at?

  • Pass out the worksheet and give examples of what Grace's paper would say.
    1. Grace wanted to be Peter Pan
    2. She practiced and learned her lines
    3. Girl and black
    4. Nana and Mother

    Each student will complete their goal‐setting paper.
    Make a goal
    Make steps to achieve that goal
    Discuss the obstacles
    Include someone who will support you in achieving your goal
    Compare your goal to Grace’s goal on the venn diagram.
If students are able to give answers that relate appropriately to the story during the discussion, they have completed the first part of the lesson. If they are able to see the connection between Grace's story and reaching their own goals, and properly complete the venn diagram, they have absorbed the lesson.