Core Values and What They Mean to Me
Henry Raab Elementary School

The building principal schedules a class meeting with each classroom for a check-in of the year thus far, reviewing Core Values and an opportunity for students to brainstorm ways they can show these Core Values during the year at both home and school. A large chart is used to list responses. These charts are posted throughout our main hallway and referred back to on morning announcements throughout the year and when needed for behavior reminders. A similar meeting is conducted with our Leadership Team in the evening, early in the year, as well as with staff.

Students, parents, and teachers will each brainstorm and list what our Core Values look like to them in a class meeting setting.
Time, markers, chart paper
At the start of the lesson, class meeting expectations are reviewed and then a quick share/check in of the beginning of the year occurs. Core values are shared out by students and then examples of ways students show each core value or will show each at both home and school are brainstormed and recorded. Discussion and clarification happens often during this process. Once the list is generated, the Parent and Teacher list are shared in the class meeting with students.
Completion of charts, solid understanding by each group of ways to show Core Values.