Parent Tutors: A Community Approach
Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy

The Language / Reading Specialist joins forces with the LCTA Social Worker and a parent volunteer to organize and execute this program, thus bringing together all aspects that play a crucial role in the success of the program: social values, academic values and family values.

Parents and other community volunteers are able to make a real difference vis-a-vis the academic achievement of our students on an "as needed basis" and thus provide much needed hands-on help to the teachers by addressing specific academic needs. Furthermore, an invaluable bond is formed between tutors and students thus fostering the community spirit our school is based upon.
Tutor volunteer

Folder to log tutoring hours and record materials/curriculum covered
Teachers provide tutors specific goals and directions but tutors conduct tutoring sessions in their own style aiming to form a meaningful bond with their student -- a bond beyond mere academic success. An element of mentoring is often utilized.