Fundraiser for Japan
Mark Twain Elementary School

Students in first and second grade suggested we do a fundraiser to support Japan after the earthquake. Students brought this idea to our Character Council, who set up the fundraiser. This activity was used to find facts about Japan and the earthquake to share on the morning broadcast. The ideas in this activity can be modified with different websites for other types of fundraisers.

Students will find relevant facts about Japan and the earthquake that took place in March 2011 to share with the entire school community.
Index Cards
Computers with Internet Access
Hold a short discussion to identify priorities for the school's Character Council meeting (or equivalent group). Tell students a number of facts we would like to share with the school, one each day on the broadcast.
Help students form teams to research (two students each).
Give each team several index cards to record facts and sources.
Give students time to find and record facts and sources.
As a whole group, vote on the facts that will be used during the broadcast.
The teacher will monitor research to confirm that facts are accurate.