Persuasive Letter Writing to Solve Problems
Mark Twain Elementary School

Students will practice persuasive writing as they try to solve a problem that they have encountered at school, home, or in their community.

Students will identify a problem to address and will write a persuasive letter including a suggestion for how to solve the problem.
Letter format papers
Ideas Page and Checklist from
Smart Board and Projector
Remind students that one of the reasons people write is to “persuade.”
Ask the students about things they would like to improve or change around their school.
Vote on one issue to address together. Brainstorm possible solutions for the problem. Decide who can help with the issue.
Together, write a letter to someone who can help with the problem on the Smart Board that states the issue and offers a suggestion for the solution.
Ask students to identify a problem they would like to solve. Have students share ideas with the class to help those who are having trouble thinking of ideas. Ask students to think about who can help solve the problem (a teacher, classmates, family member, etc.)
Give students the organizer to record their thoughts. After checking this with the teacher, the students can write their letter.
Students should proofread letters on their own, then with a partner or teacher. Once they have edited and revised, students can rewrite a final copy of their letters.
Students can deliver their letters if they choose.
Reflect together on if the persuasive letters that were delivered helped solve the problems.
The teacher will assess the letters for correct format, an identified problem, and reasonable solution.