Manners and Morals
Milwaukee College Preparatory School

Students will discuss what respect for ourselves and respect for others means, and how they relate to morals and manners.

Students will be able to define and distinguish between respect, manners, and morals.
Students will create a goal for giving others the gift of a "put up" or a kind deed throughout the
rest of the day/week.
Students will practice using manners whenever a gift is given to them or whenever it is possible
throughout the day.
Students will notice how using manners feels and how other people react to them.
small items to pass (marble, pebble, ball), music, Now and Laters (candy)
Start the lesson by reviewing the value of respect and by having the students learn, repeat, and discuss the proverb for the week. Review the definitions of respect, morals, and manners. Ask the students why manners are important. Brainstorm a list of words and actions that show good manners with the students.
Sit in a circle with your class and show everyone the small items
Tell the students that the objects are “gifts,” and that the task is to try to give them away
Students should pass the items around the circle as the music plays. When the music stops, the people with the items will have received the “gift” from those next to them.
Start the music and have students pass for a short time.
When you stop the music, see who has the “gifts.” Ask each of the people who have a “gift” to thank the person who passed it to them. In turn have the person who passed the “gift” say, “You’re welcome.”
Continue play so more people have a turn.
Play the game again but this time when the music stops have the person on the left of the “gift” ask, “May I please have the gift?” Then have the item be passed and practice the “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” part again.
To conclude the game pass everyone a now and later and observe how many people use their manners to say “Thank You.”
Ask the students why they think you chose to end the game with Now and Laters (If you use respect and manners now, it will pay off later in life because it will be your moral code.)
Discuss how it felt to give and/or be given a gift
How does it feel when someone says “Thank you”
What other kinds of gifts can we give each other? (put ups, kind deeds, etc)