Finding Character in Our Characters
Oakhurst Elementary School

Students identify actions characters in our read aloud books make, which reflect the character trait of the month. Comprehension is measured with a rubric, scoring accuracy and insight as well as inferring and giving reasoning.

Students will identify how a character in our class read-aloud book has shown examples of behavior related to the character word of the month.
Students will explain (in writing or acting out) specifically how the character demonstrated that trait and their motivation behind such actions.
Reading Spiral
Read-aloud books
At the beginning of each month the character word and its definition are announced and displayed on a small poster behind my chair in the gathering area. As I read aloud our book of the month, our read aloud book or another mentor text students are reminded to refer to the character word and how it is shown in the story.
At the end of the month, the books that I have read aloud to my students are displayed on my white board ledge and character names are written on the board above each book. I ask the students to write a detailed description of how one character from each book has shown the character trait and why. For example, In February the character word was “Kindness.” I would display that month’s books and ask for detailed actions of characters in each book showing kindess with an explanation of the character’s actions.