Celebration of Character Family Picnic
Oakhurst Elementary School

The students will host a thank-you lunch for their parents to show appreciation for all of their support during the school year. Students will choose what to serve, learn to make it, and serve it in accordance with proper dining etiquette. They will also sing a song.

Students will practice shared perspectives.
Students will learn to practice for improved performance and preparation.
Students will learn to collaborate for a shared project.
Students will learn to count and group sets and sequence.
Students will create compliment frames for their classmates by using positive phrasing to describe their classmates.
Students will practice for proficiency to perform song for parents.
Students will decorate for parents. Students hung student frames for parents to take after the picnic.
Students will make sandwiches and fruit skewers to serve on platters.
Each student will serve his or her parent lunch, using the pre-determined language appropriate for a server, as a thank you for all their support for the school year.
Food and tools to prepare it (depending on what you plan to make)
Utensils and serving materials
Access to the website www.wordle.com to create compliment frames for classmates.
Art materials to make the frames (construction paper, regular paper, glue, markers, crayons)
Have a classroom discussion about showing appreciation – how and why you could show someone you appreciate them. Tell the students that you will host a celebration of character family picnic and that they as a class will serve their parents food. Ask the class for suggestions on what to serve, and to think of some things they will need to get in order to make and serve it. Ask the class how they should decorate the classroom. Explain to the class about etiquette, and teach them basic serving and eating etiquette.
Talk about a song you might want to sing as a group to the parents. Practice this song daily until the day of the picnic comes.
Create the compliment frames. Encourage each student to think about words that describe their classmates, and include them in a Wordle. Print them out and allow the students to decorate picture frames with the students’ pictures and words to describe them on the frame.
Prepare the decorations and decorate the classroom before the parents come. Prepare the food.
Throw the picnic.
Have the students write a reflection on how the picnic went. Ask them in a classroom discussion what they liked best, what they could have done better, and how it made them feel.