Showing Courage
Oakwood Elementary School

In this lesson students will investigate courage and how to be more courageous.

Students will investigate and illustrate the definition of courage as being brave enough to do what you should, even when you are afraid.
The Bravest of Us All by Marsha Diane Arnold (2000, Dial)
The Man Who Walked between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein (2007, Square Fish)
Video – “Life Skills 101 – Speaking Your Mind” (found on Discovery Streaming)
Crayons, pencils, drawing paper
Document camera
Create a circle map to brainstorm ideas about courage, who shows courage and where students have seen courageous acts.
Read The Bravest of Us All by Marsha Diane Arnold.
Identify what the main character originally thought about courage and how she showed courage herself after the tornado hit.
Draw a picture of the main character showing courage.
Read The Man Who Walked between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein.
Discuss how the courage Phillipe shows is different from the main character in the first book.
Create a double bubble map comparing and contrasting the characters and their courageous acts.
View the video Life Skills 101 – Speaking Your Mind.
After viewing while working with a partner, summarize the steps to standing up for yourself.
Ask the students to respond to the following prompt in their journals: Describe a time when you showed courage. How did you feel at first? What did you do to show courage? How did you feel after?