Being Kind to Yourself
Seminole Elementary School

This lesson is written in a mini-lesson format which consists of the following components. The teaching point of Kindness begins with being kind to ourselves guides the lesson. The teacher begins with a connection, connecting text to real life with the book Those Shoes. Next the teacher teaches a five minute lesson on the teaching point of kindness. The students are then involved in active engagement by turning and talking to their partners. The lesson ends with a link reminding students that kindness begins with themselves.

Students will understand the kindness begins with being kind to yourself.
Students will make a text to life connection with Those Shoes.
Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

  1. Teacher brings all students to the gathering area.
  2. Students are assigned partners for turn and talk.
  3. Teacher begins the mini-lesson by making a connection to the book and kindness.
  4. Teacher teaches the teaching point through an example.
  5. Teacher has students turn and talk with their partner to reflect on a time they were feeling bad or disappointed in themselves.
  6. The teacher then links the lesson to being kind to yourself every day.

Observe and listen to student partners during turn and talk to assess whether or not students are discussing a time when they were feeling bad or disappointed in themselves and how they made themselves feel better. During the share the teacher can report out key examples that she heard.