It’s Hard to Be Honest
Walnut Street School

In our school we use common literature to introduce our Character Education Pillars. This lesson is the first grade’s kick-off activity for the Pillar of Honesty. Children need to understand that being honest does not come easy; it is hard work.

Students will write a 5-sentence paragraph.
Students will identify a time it was difficult for them to tell the truth.
Students will identify that honesty is the best policy in the end.
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, by Diane deGroat (2006, Chronicle Books)
Teacher will read Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, by Diane deGroat.
Follow with a class discussion highlighting two main points:
It was difficult for Gilbert to be honest.
In the end, being truthful solved Gilbert’s problem.
Students will brainstorm ideas about times it was difficult for them to tell the truth. (i.e. not doing their homework, hitting their brother/sister, breaking a window) Ideas will be charted by the teacher.
The teacher will model how to use one of the student ideas in order to plan a story. Students will be directed to introduce the story in the beginning box. Then they will record three details of what happened in the middle boxes. The ending of the story will demonstrate how it felt to be honest.
Students will use their story plan to write a 5-sentence paragraph. The teacher can use a writing rubric to assess the student’s ability to write a story with a beginning, three supporting details in the middle, and an end. In addition, the teacher will assess if the student was able to reach a conclusion that being truthful pays off in the long run.