Politics in Puerto Rico: 1900-1930
Colegio Radians

We stress the importance of knowing about the political parties of the 1930s, their leaders, what they believed and what values and virtues they stood for. We study how these leaders guided Puerto Rico to then compare the political parties and leaders of today. In like manner, we stress the importance of understanding the writers who form the heart and soul of our deepest expression. By understanding the relation between their writing and the political issues of the time period, we can understand how our intellectuals thought and how they transmitted their thoughts, values and virtues to the rest of the population.

Students will identify and analyze the reasons for the emergence of new parties or
political alliances.

Students will analyze the political reaction of writers from the decade of the 1930s at the
prevailing situation in the island.
Scarano, F. (2007). Puerto Rico: Una historia Contemporánea (2nd ed.). México: McGraw Hill.
Graphic Organizer
Students will read the poem "Canción de las Antillas" by Llorens Torres in class. They will integrate this with the discussion on political parties.
After reading the relevant chapter, students will create a graphic organizer to identify different political parties that emerged in the first three decades of the twentieth century.
In written form, students will explain the reasons why political parties emerged (i.e. the Coalition, the Alliance, etc.)
Students will analyze the political reaction of our great literary figures like Nemesio Canales, Palés Matos and Llorens Torres, among others.
For the close, the students will recreate the verses of "Canción de las Antillas" as a drawing, cartoon or comic focusing on the virtues of Puerto Rico then and now.
Involvement in class