Got Seatbelts?
Lindbergh High School

This interdisciplinary lesson is integrates objectives of the Art: Drawing and Design Course, the Business: Computer Design course, the Science: Physics course, and the Driver Education Course.
Students learn the importance of wearing a seatbelt along with the tragic consequences for those who do not.
Students are empowered through advocacy to make a positive life difference for members of their school, family, and community.

Students will be able to explain and discuss Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.
Students will collaborate with a partner to create an advertisement or a bumper sticker which advocates wearing your seatbelt.
Students will relate advertisement or bumper sticker to all three of Newton’s Laws.
Students will engage in class discussion and critique consequences of unrestrained passengers or items in one's car.
Students will explain why or why not their view of wearing seatbelts have changed.
Students will use marketing and computer skills to complete their promotion.
Students will use drawing and design skills to complete their promotion.
Copies of Articles relating Newton’s laws of motion to seat usage
Copies of risk fact sheet
Copies of seatbelt survey
Newton’s 3 Laws and Seatbelts Power Point presentation
Computer software (Microsoft Publisher)
Construction paper or cardstock
Wood or posterboard for stencils
White asphalt spray paint
Buckle Bear costume
After completing the AP Physics Unit on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion, physic students will be paired with driver education students.
Students will participate in the seatbelt survey
Students will take turns riding the seatbelt convincer from MO. State Highway Patrol
After reflection of seat belt surveys students will create a promotion (and advertisement or bumper sticker) using Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion
As school-wide outreach, students will display their promotions throughout the school.
Additional outreach will take place when driver education students conduct seatbelt surveys at the end of the day.
Students will paint stencils on the parking lot of each school within our district promoting seat belt use. (“Buckle Up”)
Students designed and purchased seatbelt signs to be displayed on campus.
Students will present outreach programs to elementary, middle school, community forums such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts and other civic organizations to promote seatbelt usage.
Survey results
Promotion (Bumper Stickers/Advertisement)
Test on Newton’s Laws of Motion