Student-Led Development
Fox C-6 School District

The students at Fox C-6 School District have a say in their scholastic experience through student-led parent-student conferences, character reflection during detention periods, and older student-freshman mentoring.

Students will reflect on what they want and need out of their academic experiences.
Students will recognize how their behavior affects the world around them and relationships with others.
Simply have students fill out the sheets when appropriate. For example, students complete the first page of the Student-Led Conference Sheet at the end of each quarter. The second page is an evaluation sheet for parents to fill out after Student-Led Conferences. The Character Reflection sheet is for students to fill out when serving a detention. The Mentor Information sheet is a sheet freshman and possible mentors fill out in order to match a mentor with a freshman student.
A student is successful if he or she successfully and thoughtfully completes the sheet(s).