Parent Academy Night
Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy

One teacher should be in charge of running the program to aid communication between teachers. Each teacher chooses whether to hold two mathematics or language arts related courses. Courses should focus on teaching parents strategies to assist their child at home, such as building fact fluency or the importance of read alouds. Parents will receive a course catalog prior to the event, carefully choosing the courses they would like to attend.

Parents will learn strategies to more effectively assist their child[ren] in learning mathematics and language arts.
Materials prior to the event include: flyers to send home to publicize the event and sign-up sheets (in order to get an estimate of how many parents will be in attendance).
Materials needed on the night of the event: sign-in sheets (to determine trends in attendance), maps of the school (if there are no parent volunteers to direct traffic), and whatever materials or handouts that are needed by the individual instructor.