Journal of Character EducationJournal of Character Education
Volume 10  |  Number 2

This issue closes the first decade of the Journal of Character Education, and the first year of its transition to its new title (from Journal of Research in Character Education) and broader focus. It also marks a return to the standard format of a set of submitted manuscripts.

We have a collection of four scholarly submitted papers, one invited practitioner article, and one submitted response to the prior themed issue.

  • Oppenheimer and colleagues report on a middle school intervention designed to build character strengths.
  • Johnson and colleagues look at ways to assess character development in post-secondary schools.
  • Bock and colleagues examine different ways to assess moral identity development in schools with an eye toward how to educate for moral identity.
  • Snyder offers an analysis of how the Theory of Triadic Influence can provide a platform for increased consistency in social emotional and character development research.
  • Mark Schumacker, an exemplary middle school math teacher who has integrated character education in his classrooms, chronicles his journey to character education, and his since regretted lapse and return.
  • Finally, David Streight, having read the themed issue (V10 N2) on sociological and psychological perspectives on contemporary challenges to the development of core virtues and civic character in the US has submitted a thoughtful response to that set of papers.

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Volume 10, No. 1, 2014
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  • The Coming Apart of America’s Civic Culture by Charles Murray
  • The Promise and Peril of Coming of Age in the 21st Century by Daniel Lapsley
  • Reflections on Murray, Lapsley, and Educating for Character in the 21st Century by Thomas Lickona
  • With Liberty and Justice for All: Character Education for America’s Future by F. Clark Power
  • The Future of Character Education and Social-Emotional Learning: The Need for Whole School and Community-Linked Approaches by Maurice J. Elias
  • The Foundation for Democracy: School Climate Reform and Prosocial Education by Jonathan Cohen
  • Virtue: An Argument Worth Rehearsing by Karen E. Bohlin
  • Easing the Transition to Middle Adolescence: Educational Implications by Kathy Beland
  • It’s Unanimous: Effective Character Education Isn’t Quick or Superficial and It Begins With Caring Relationships by Russ Sojourner
  • A Character Education Research Perspective for the 21st Century by Matthew Davidson

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