NSOC Publication Bundles
NSOC Bundles

1999-2009 (10 Books): 50.00
2003-2010 (6 Books): 35.00


Book Sale Bargains

CEP is offering a special sale on a mini-library of past National Schools of Character (NSOC) books. For just a few dollars you can own a collection of best practices. Great for staff development! These books are full of promising ideas that exemplify effective and innovative character education practices.Each year, CEP publishes a book about the winning schools and districts selected as National Schools of Character. Four-page feature articles describe how the school or district got started and what strategies it used to develop its comprehensive character education initiative.

Ways to Use CEP’s National Schools of Character: Award-Winning Practices in Your School or District:

The 11 Principles of Effective Character Education explains each of the 11 Principles and includes a scoring guide. It defines each principle more specifically in terms of two to four items that describe what the principle should “look like” when implemented. Download the entire publication (PDF).


    1. Making connections with fellow practitioners


    1. Using the Winner articles for staff development


    1. Using the Sample Practices in your school or district


    1. Addressing your school’s strengths and areas for growth through Promising Practices


    1. Exploring the State/National Schools of Character application process



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