Expectations and Outreach
National Schools of Character (NSOC) are expected to serve as ambassadors of character education and models and mentors to other schools. CEP helps them share their stories and best practices and assists them with their outreach efforts.

At a minimum, CEP expects all NSOC to be open to inquiries and visits from other educators. CEP will also post information about each NSOC on its website and write about them in the annual NSOC book. Beyond this, NSOC are expected to select from a menu of outreach options in a way that best suits their available resources.

NSOC Outreach Options

  • Contribute to your school’s profile on the CEP website and in the NSOC book
  • Create a short video of your program to be posted on the CEP website
  • Post lesson plans and other best practices on CEP website
  • Present at CEP’s National Forum
  • Conduct outreach session, workshop, conference, or in-service in home state or district
  • Develop a mentoring relationship with another school or district
  • Contribute to CEP online community:  CEP blog, Facebook, Twitter, electronic newsletter, and/or webinars

Outreach Impact

Each of the 2011 National Schools of Character reached an average of 273 educators representing an average of 123 schools during their 2011-2012 award year. The 2011 winning district reached over 77,000 educators. Combined, the 2011 NSOC are estimated to have reached close to 90,000 educators! These NSOC presented at state conferences, mentored other schools, hosted visits from around the nation and the world, and submitted articles for publication.

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