Henry C. Beck Middle School
Cherry Hill, NJ
Cherry Hill Public Schools

Beck’s Character Education (CE) program nurtures a culture in which students develop into responsible, respectful citizens of our school, community and world. We emphasize character development throughout all curricula and our RAP Advisory (RAP) “Real Advice with a Purpose”. Our commitment to providing our students with a caring environment is supported by the State’s anti-bullying legislation. CEP’s feedback has led us to a deep evaluation of our core values that involved the whole school community. Surveys, focus groups, parents, students and staff informed this work and resulted in the following core ethical values: Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion. All activities, both academic and extra-curricular, are opportunities to teach and reinforce our core values. These combined efforts are intertwined throughout the day and build a foundation for student success. Instead of an honor roll, we choose to honor positive behaviors exemplified by our core values. These values are explicitly taught and behavioral expectations emphasized. We promote and celebrate these behaviors in pervasive and meaningful ways with our principal as the champion. Recognizing PAWsitive behaviors reinforces our core values demonstrated by students and recognized by staff while our Golden Apple award encourages students to acknowledge them in the adults who model them. We continue to emphasize the intrinsic rewards gained through these behaviors.


At Beck we choose to positively shape the character of our students by recognizing our Core Values. As a 6th grade teacher I am thrilled to speak about our monthly candidates at the CE Breakfast. Students and parents have reported to me that they feel this is a fabulous program because we give recognition for their character.
- Linda Ascola, teacher

I feel lucky to be part of such a great school, where everyone shows good character. I see first-hand everyday how students and staff help one another, look after one another and together work well as a team. If ever a problem arises, I see and am a part of a group that is always there to lend a helping hand.
- Joe Sutton, custodian

Staff and students find ways to make educational assemblies exciting, and interactive. An assembly to learn to stay away from negative influences had actual people share life experiences, and engage the crowd with a "stay in your lane" chant. This helped me to remember the message and made the lesson enjoyable.
- Miles, grade 8

The staff are a wonderful group of professionals who truly believe in fostering all aspects of student growth and always welcoming in helping parents and students.
- Marci Raymond DeCosmo

The energy and enthusiasm that the Beck staff and students bring to a project/event not only helps to invigorate the event but helps send a message to the community that schools and community are one. It also shows our community that students at Beck are our future leaders who have an understanding of issues that create problems and are working to be part of the solution.
- Linda Dombrowski, Director, Cherry Hill Municipal Alliance on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Contact Information

Mr. Albert Morales
Vice Principal
950 Cropwell Road
Cherry Hill, 08003
Phone: 856-424-4505
Email: amorales@chclc.org
Website: http://beck.cherryhill.k12.nj.us/