Bowles Elementary School
Fenton, MO
Rockwood School District

Bowles was one of the first schools in Rockwood School District (a 2006 NSOC) to pilot the Caring School Community (CSC) model. Over the past seven years, they have moved from a “trait of the month” approach to a deeper, more comprehensive approach tied to curriculum and content. While Bowles’ socioeconomic status is the second lowest in Rockwood, this Title I school continues to strive to be among the highest achieving of the 19 elementary schools in the district. Former principal Dave Cobb describes Bowles as a caring community that places a priority on building relationships. “Without relationships, we believe that strong character cannot be achieved.” Building relationships is challenging, given the school’s ever-shifting demographics. But that diversity and student mobility has “challenged us to do out-of-the-box thinking,” according to Cobb. “We literally have to do whatever it takes.” Despite demographic changes, Cobb notes that Bowles has been able to maintain parental support and good test scores.

Outreach:  During their 2011-12 award year, Bowles staff worked with other schools in their state applying for SSOC. They also continued to work on expanding “voice and choice” for students.

Signature Practices

Promising Practice: Staff Morale
The goal of this ongoing project is to increase the overall view as being one united staff that cares for each other: a family environment. The monthly activities consist of but are not limited to a welcome-back breakfast, chili cook-off, secret pals, pumpkin surprise bags, ice cream sundae bar, and staff spirit days.
Promising Practice: Thanking FRED
At each staff meeting, “FREDS” are passed out among the staff members to read aloud the notes of thanks. A smile is often brought to the face of the person acknowledged. This acknowledgement has helped the school community to be more reflective and appreciative for all the good deeds they did for one another and others.
Promising Practice: Three of Hearts
Students create their own businesses and donate profits to charity.
Promising Practice: M.A.P. Kick Off Assembly
The “M.A.P. Kick Off Assembly" excites students for our upcoming standardized state test. Every member of our school community is invited to join in celebrating student learning and motivating our third, fourth, and fifth graders to do their personal best on the state test

Contact Information

Dr. Danielle Vogelsang
501 Bowles Ave. Fenton, MO 63026
Phone: 636-305-2736 x. 223