Duffy Elementary School
West Hartford, CT
West Hartford Public Schools

The origins of character education at Duffy Elementary go back to May 1998, when the school’s Strategic Planning Committee, after an exhaustive study by the Action Team on Character Education, decided to implement character education. Duffy is a school in which students take learning seriously: Student behavior—not only in the classrooms but also in the cafeteria and on the playground—indicates a high degree of intrinsic motivation to do well. Many factors account for this: high parental expectations, an extraordinarily dedicated faculty, and a student body that truly pursues academic excellence. Second grader Rosemary adds a very practical interpretation to the school’s emphasis on academics: “Without academics, there would be so many things we could not do! Without knowing numbers, you couldn’t drive a car. How would you get to far places?” But it is clear that the Duffy students do “get to far places,” not just academically but in terms of character development.

Contact Information

Ms. Kathleen Tracy
95 Westminster Dr. West Hartford, CT 06107
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