Fort Bend Independent School District
Sugar Land, Texas

Fort Bend ISD has an intentional and proactive character education program in every one of its 74 schools. A task force consisting of representatives of all stakeholder groups adopted the district’s core values, which are now well-known throughout the community. Despite being a large, diverse district, support for the character initiative is universal, and character goals have been embraced by and implemented in every building through the adoption of Character Links in all schools. Students report being especially proud of the diversity in their schools. One student, Nathan, says, “I go to the most diverse high school in the nation, and we make connections to work for a better future.” By district mandate, each year students on the secondary campuses develop and implement a character education and cultural diversity plan to engage all stakeholders. Along with this, a coalition of all stakeholders oversees the implementation of the No Place for Hate program in every school. A Diversity Conferencedistrict Cultural Diversity Conference involves over 450 high school students and is being expanded each year. The goal of the Diversity Conference is to increase awareness, improve communication, develop leadership qualities, and foster mutual understanding and respect among student groups.

Outreach:  During their 2011-12 award year, FBISD staff presented at national conferences and spread the word about their award throughout their schools and larger community.

Signature Practices

Lesson Plan: Acceptance
To accept anyone or anything, a person must first accept himself or herself. Sometimes people have a hard time recognizing the good in themselves; therefore, they are uncomfortable and do not know how to react to compliments. A compliment is a positive statement given to someone. When someone gives you a compliment, you should accept it by saying, “Thank you.”
Lesson Plan: Respect
Respect means treating others as you want to be treated. Respect means recognizing the value of people, property and the environment.


I have been so fortunate to grow up in a community and go to schools that are so accepting of diversity.
- Josh, student

FBISD clearly strives to provide the best educational opportunities to ensure that all students are successful and prepared for a global tomorrow.
- Kristen Hund, Director of Programs, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association

Contact Information

Mrs. Ilene Harper
Assistant Director of Student Support Services
16431 Lexington Blvd.
Phone: 281-634-1426