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Lindbergh High School

While high schools are often difficult environments for attaining character education goals, Lindbergh, located in a 2008 National District of Character, has successfully integrated character into school life with an intentional and proactive approach. Almost all service learning activities are curriculum-based. Dr. Ron Helms, principal, states, “The positive climate created with the We Are Lindbergh Way has contributed to a drastic decrease in bullying incidents in our school. The norm is to step up and make sure that our campus [is] free from bullying behavior.” Topic Time gives students the opportunity to discuss character issues that might not be addressed in the classroom. Helms also notes that “the word discipline has all but been removed from [the school’s] vocabulary, and is instead replaced with words such as responsibility or making it right.” Lindbergh has gained a reputation for being a place where core values are “brought to life.”

Signature Practices

Lesson Plan: Got Seatbelts?
This interdisciplinary lesson is integrates objectives of the Art: Drawing and Design Course, the Business: Computer Design course, the Science: Physics course, and the Driver Education Course. Students learn the importance of wearing a seatbelt along with the tragic consequences for those who do not. Students are empowered through advocacy to make a positive life difference for members of their school, family, and community.
Promising Practice: Community Partners' Service that Saves
Students discovered in classes that Guatemalan citizens were dying needlessly each day due to a lack of clean water. Additional research noted the high number of deaths annually because of fires caused by cooking on open flames. The students decided that they had to reach out and make a difference
Promising Practice: Growing with Hope
In correlation with their basic sewing unit, students created “tabbies” for the NICU which are small blankets with varied texture which makes it helpful for sensory development in babies. Students in the Lindbergh Interact Club (a buddy partnership club with Crestwood-Sunset Hills Rotary International Club) decided to take this seed of service to full bloom.
Promising Practice: A Warm Welcome
Although the school's transition student-led buddy club, LINK Crew, helps make transition from 8th grade to 9th grade quite successful, 25-30 new enrollees for sophomore year may feel left out. To welcome new students to LHS, a special party was initiated by the grade class officers to help new students to get to know one another and the LHS staff.
Promising Practice: LITE (Learning Inidividuality Through Experiences)
Students and staff reflect and unite while learning to enhance positive character traits in themselves and others.

Contact Information

Ms. Amy Richards
Character Education Coordinator for Lindbergh Schools
5000 S. Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63126
Phone: 314-729-2400 x. 1561