Lake Bluff School
Shorewood, Wisconsin
Shorewood School District

Lake Bluff School (LB) is a neighborhood school within the diverse community of Shorewood, Wisconsin. The schools in Shorewood are the hub of the community and LB is considered a jewel in that hub, in no small part due to our efforts with Character Education (CE). During the ’06 school year the LB staff unanimously decided to implement an intentional program of CEĀ in response to a parent survey that showed several areas of concern with regard to student behavior. Our staff and parents decided to focus on core values. A local CE conference provided an important catalyst to our efforts and from that, specific training within our school followed from Dr. Marvin Berkowitz and Dr. Hal Urban.

Our work with character has transformed our school culture and climate. Our staff recognizes that CE starts with ourselves; we know that students will take their cues from how we treat children and each other. The day starts with children being greeted at the door by their teacher followed by morning meetings. Monthly character assemblies written and performed by students highlight our character traits. Service projects and a strong “buddies” program also serve as a foundation of our efforts. Especially affirming is our school’s complete embrace of CE. One hundred percent of our staff is on board, and our parents participate and cite CE as a pivotal strength of our school.



Character education has made a great school climate even better! It has given a unity of purpose and a common language to our efforts in building the kind of culture in which all stakeholders feel nurtured, respected, included, challenged and successful. The first thing we learned was that character education isn't a product to buy; it's us--focusing on our shared values, building strong relationships, and intentionally weaving good character into every aspect of school life, every day.
- Brenda Dell, School Counselor

The best part of my school is the teachers. . . . They are always kind, work hard with students and for students, yet still find a way to have fun. In this way, they live out our school motto, which inspires students to do the same.
- Abby, 6th grader

By welcoming parents and community members into classrooms and activities, they expand this supportive environment outward to help unite the community.
- JoAnn Early Macken, poet and author

Contact Information

Mr. Kirk Juffer
1600 E. Lake Bluff Blvd.
Shorewood, WI 53211
Phone: 414-963-6972