Beasley Elementary School
St. Louis, MO
Mehlville School District

“Working together for every child, every day.” Beasley Elementary School’s mission /motto embraces our philosophy of developing in our students both core ethical values and critically-thinking, life-long learners. In 2005, Mehlville School District adopted its core values for character development: responsible, respect, peace, caring, integrity, courage, patience, service and self-control. At Beasley, we selected five character words to form the basis of our daily interactions with students, parents and each other. Beasley Elementary was built in 1966, on grounds that were originally part of the Veterans Hospital and Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. This location enables Beasley to be a hidden gem tucked away with an array of nature and wonderful service learning opportunities. Beasley’s school climate is something that cannot be felt in charts or graphs but in the hearts and smiles of all the students who are and have passed through here. One of the halls of the school is decorated with the handprints of the students and staff. Former students now have their child’s handprints next to them following on the tradition. This close knit community keeps the staff turnover low and the families coming back to visit. Each person makes a difference and our interactions with others form who we are. Being a Beasley Jaguar is a wonderful feeling of belonging, support, respect and acceptance. Each student is inspired to be the best they can be and to encourage others to do the same.

Beasley Elementary Shoeman Project
Students at Beasley Elementary collect shoes to help a charity that provides clean water to Third World countries. Watch video >>

Signature Practices

Lesson Plan: Jefferson Barracks Cemetery Visit
Beasley Elementary is surrounded by the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Our fifth grade classes use a trip to the cemetery as a springboard to a variety of lessons teaching history, geography, poetry, respect, and integrity using a cooperative-learning activity.
Promising Practice: Shoes Supply Safe Water
This was a student-initiated and student-led project involving the "Shoeman Water Project."


With the implementation of Character Education I have seen students take more ownership in their school, show more responsibility for their actions and reflect upon themselves more often. Character Education is now embedded into much of our instruction and students expect good character from each other.
- Jody Huster, 4th grade teacher

I see the custodians encouraging and teaching students how to care for our building. Recess aides encourage play that includes everyone and teaches teamwork. Cafeteria staff help build patience by waiting in line, accountability to take what they have ordered, and reinforce good manners. All staff members, not just teachers, help build students of character at Beasley.
- Teresa Wright, school nurse

Beasley is a great school. We are always in a safe and fun environment. The teachers work their hardest everyday to make sure we learn everything we need to learn. They find clever ways to make activities enjoyable and educational. We have clubs like Student Council and Generous Jaguars to help our community and represent Beasley in a positive way. Beasley would be a great role model school for other schools in the United States.
- Hannah, 5th grade

The overwhelming sense of 'family' that the staff at Beasley strives hard for and has achieved is amazing. I always feel welcome to come up to school, whether it is to have lunch with my child, talk to the teacher or principal, or for an activity/event that's going on. From talking to coworkers and friends with kids in other schools, I didn't realize how rare it was to have such a committed, caring, informing staff like I've been accustomed to during our time at Beasley. Beasley's staff definitely makes the school the 'home away from home' the students need in order to learn, grow and be confident contributors in our society.
- Dawn Townsend

Students have been participating in inter-generational events at Jefferson Barracks Veterans Administration Healthcare System for several years. This includes visiting at Halloween in their costumes to parade through the halls, hanging up individually made Valentine cards, and caroling at Christmas. Not only does this convey kindness and thoughtfulness, but it also expresses respectfulness and a caring attitude. The students and staff have touched the hearts of so many guests. Staff and Veterans always comment on the students' character after visiting together.
- Karen Poston- Fisher House assistant manager and Colleen Hopp VA Recreation Therapist

Contact Information

Mrs. Andrea Deane
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Phone: 314-467-5400