Berlin Community School

BCS believes that character education (CE) is the key to changing school culture. The mission of BCS, an active partnership between school and community, is to provide broad and balanced educational opportunities in a nurturing environment designed to challenge all students to strive for personal excellence and responsible citizenship in an evolving global society. In 2008 BCS was invited to participate in a 2 year project fostering change in school culture that supports learning. During the first year, the CE committee established and set goals it would accomplish. First, we had to establish the needs of our school, thus our first climate survey was distributed. The information prompted us to develop a new code of conduct reflecting the Six Pillars of CE. The goal was to have students take ownership for their behavior. Since then, BCS has bridged the gap between the elementary and middle school by extending the number of members on the SECD committee. The committee united staff and raised awareness of the needs of the school. In 2010 and 2011 BCS increased the responsibility and respect of students documented through the reduction of disciplinary referrals, the increase of community service, and the participation of the entire staff in the People’s Choice Awards and wearing their BELIEVE t-shirts to support character education. The community is actively involved showing their support by voting BCS “One of the Best of South Jersey” for the past three consecutive years. Printer Friendly