Antonia Middle School
Barnhart, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Antonia Middle School Antonia Middle School (AMS) is one of four middle schools in the Fox C-6 School district that was built in 2010 to alleviate overcrowding at Seckman Middle. This is the first school in the district to encompass 6th grade students in a true middle school setting. Upon opening its doors to 8th graders who had to leave a current school and 6th graders who were entering a new era, the inception of character education started immediately to help transition students in their new environment. The naming of the school, mission statement, goals and character planning fell into the hands of these students, staff members, and community. The development of a cornerstone (Live the Bull LIFE-with Loyalty, Integrity, Fellowship and Enthusiasm) would lead the way to having yearly school themes and the drive from teachers to use service learning as a tool to develop who we would become. Few staff members were certified character ed at the time but since then we have staff ask every year to attend and become a part of the character team, as has become the foundation of our school’s atmosphere. The biggest challenge has become our best asset, in helping our students become known as hard workers who strive daily in their personal lives to break out of the poverty cycle they are being raised in. The student autonomy and growth we see in them from 6th graders to becoming productive members of society as an 8th grader has been more than welcoming when we see them prosper at the high school level.

Lesson Plan
21st Century Skills Service Learning Project

Maggie Bahr
6798 St. Luke’s Church Rd.
Barnhart Missouri 63012