Bayless High School
St. Louis, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Bayless High SchoolBayless High School (BHS) is one of the most diverse high schools in Missouri; 43% of our students are ELL. Our character education (CE) initiative began when Respect and Responsibility became the motto of our school and how we expect all to act within our school family. Our district mission is to develop our young people into smart, good, and strong students, and we think our CE program is doing just that. We have integrated the book 20 Gifts of Life into our freshman advisory program. We took a multifaceted approach in developing our program, looking for pieces where individual teacher talents could be maximized and student leadership cultivated. Some teachers received certification in CE; others took on the task of developing common universal expectations. In the past few years, BHS has seen significant improvements as a result of our emphasis on character: attendance is at a 6 year high, and EOC scores in every area tested improved dramatically for two straight assessment cycles. The college-going culture rate has risen over the last 4 years. Much of this positive data is the direct result of our core values driving everything we do. Staff and students live respectful and responsible lives and create a family atmosphere where everyone is welcomed, embraced, and loved. We do not believe there is another high school that has our diversity and our cohesiveness of caring. Finally, as so many of our families have made sacrifices in their lives, we look to service in our community as a demonstration of gratitude.

Lesson Plan
Julius Caesar

Patrick McEvoy
4532 Weber Road
St. Louis Missouri 63123