Berkshire Middle School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
2015 National School of Character

Berkshire Middle SchoolAlthough character education has always been valued at Berkshire, our journey became tangible with the establishment of the Character Education committee ten years ago. This committee has since been involved with, studying the 11 principles of Effective Character Education and working with valuable leaders in our district to ensure that our character education becomes intentional and authentic. Through the years, the committee has come to firmly believe that improving the character of our community would improve relationships, grades, scores on tests, and overall success of students and staff; with this mentality, the committee has been striving to make changes at Berkshire. Perseverance, hard work, commitment, and learning from other schools on this journey, have helped to keep us focused and dedicated to the process. Using the feedback we were given from our application in 2012 and the data our three leadership committees collected, we focused on the suggested areas of growth, determined to provide our shareholders with authentic opportunities that would enhance our character. We expanded our character education committee, created a daily character education class for all students, chosen our three-year goal to be to improve our school’s climate and culture, and added a restorative practices coach. By continuously adjusting, modifying and refining our goals, our journey has been an exciting one in which we see great growth.
Roy Bishop Jr.

Lesson Plan
Breaking Down the Walls: Field Trip to see National Geographic’s – Jerusalem: IMAX Theater at The Henry Ford Museum

Assistant Principal
21707 W. Fourteen Mile Rd.
Beverly Hills Michigan 48025