Edgewood Elementary School
Yardley, Pennsylvania
2015 National School of Character

Edgewood Elementary SchoolEdgewood Elementary School serves 545 students in grades K-5 with various academic needs. Although Edgewood is located in an affluent suburban setting of Yardley, PA, our student demographic is quite diverse. About 6 years ago, our school became home for the district-wide Autistic Support program. This was a tremendous learning curve for everyone as students with autism were included in all aspects of the school day. Some students had behaviors that were different and often disruptive. We made the decision to move from a reactive approach of student management to a proactive approach that is more in keeping with who we are at Edgewood. Although over the years I have made it my mission to create a school that is in every sense a true community, this shift in our demographic began our official journey of Character Education. We have adopted a PBIS program that has evolved into what is known as our R.O.A.R. program. Our mantra is “Edgewood Tigers ROAR to success,” and our faculty, staff, students, and community have embraced it with vigor. ROAR stands for Respectful, Open-minded, Appreciative, and Responsible, and these qualities are the core values that we instill in all students here. Through hard work, education, and building a capacity of understanding, our faculty, students and community have demonstrated remarkable compassion for our most complex learners. Advocacy, acceptance, and friendship would be the best words to describe the evolution of our character journey.

Lesson Plan
Bullying with Bluey

Donna L. Minnigh
Assistant Principal
899 Oxford Valley Road
Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067