Fox Middle School
Arnold, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Fox  Middle SchoolFox Middle School (FMS) used to be a school where students performed well, but teachers and administrators were the sole decision makers. We lacked a sense of community, and middle school was simply a place to spend two years before you went to high school. Recognizing that this was the least a school could provide for its neighborhood, the staff committed to using character education as the means to create that sense of belonging. Students were given a voice and today they plan and implement the majority of our character education initiatives. Viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth, we have committed to getting parents and community members involved in our school and our students involved in their community. Our efforts have been rewarded through high test scores, low discipline incidents, and students engaged in more rigorous curriculum. We have been honored with 12 Promising Practices and have been named both a Missouri School of Character (2009) and a National School of Character (2011). Instead of resting on our achievements, we have used them as motivation to continue to improve our school. Our current character education program barely resembles the one from 2011. We are constantly making adjustments as student needs dictate them. Additionally, we are seeking out the voices of all stakeholders to adjust our course. At this point we search not for what IS character education but where we are lacking because we have striven to infuse character in all facets of daily life here at FMS.

Lesson Plan
Butterfly Project

Aaron Wilken
743 Jeffco Blvd.
Arnold, Missouri 63010