Macopin Middle School
West Milford, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

Macopin Middle SchoolMary Reinhold, Principal of Macopin Middle School (MMS) shares the following message with the community: “It is our job at Macopin Middle School to not only deliver a rigorous academic program, but also to most the students on a social and emotional level.  Our staff understands this difficult task and is always ready for the challenge.”  For many years, MMS has worked towards the goal of building strong, independent students who are also good citizens.  We strive to help students, staff, and community members feel safe and welcomed while always being challenge to do and be their best. MMS is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students funneling in from 6 elementary schools in regions of the town with widely varying socio-economic situations.  MMS’s character initiative officially began in 2004, in order to address the issue of initiating approximately 300 new students each year into what is known as “the Macopin Family.”  We find one of our greatest challenges to be starting over with half of our student body each year. First, we held monthly character lessons in core subjects. We implemented the Olweus anti-bullying program (training students, staff, and parents). Then, we added a small group advisory in 2009. We have also assessed our school climate and adopted changes with the support of Rutgers’  Developing Safe and Civil Schools and Princeton University’s ROOTS.  This year, MMS is incorporating a Full Value approach, building upon previous initiatives in character education.

Lesson Plan
Project Adventure – Balloon Activity

Amy Dickerson
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West Milford, New Jersey 7480