Mill Creek Upper Elementary
Belton, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Mill Creek Upper Elementary (MC) is the only 5th-6th grade school located in the Belton School District just south of Kansas City, Missouri.  Mill Creek is the first transition that many of our 750+ students make.  CHARACTERplus and our partnership with Character Education (CE) began following four years of success with Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS).  While seeing success with PBIS, we knew that we were not impacting students’ core values. Since beginning implementation of Character Education in 2011-12, Mill Creek has seen a dramatic difference in our climate, student behavior, and academic scores. Teachers, staff, parents and community partners all had a part in creating our core values called Pirate Principles.  These Principles are our foundation which allows everyone to feel valued and appreciated.  Administrators offer trainings, workshops and motivation, lead PRIDE assemblies, compile data, and lead staff to explore strategies and best practices within the classroom.  Staff incorporate CE into daily conversations, instruction, and weekly class meetings. Students freely share their ideas about their personal and school character goals and have the opportunity to participate in clubs and assemblies and interact with various community leaders and organizations. CE is a way of life at Mill Creek.  CE has reached all students and made Mill Creek a dynamic place for students and staff to engage in personal growth and academic learning with enthusiasm and passion.

Lesson Plan
A Happy Heart of Gratitude and Giving

Kimberly Mauck
308 S Cleveland
Belton Missouri 64064